Welcome the Hydration Lady and BEING YOUR OWN CHAMPION!

When you think of a champion does your mind immediately go to someone standing on a podium with a medal around their neck? Or do you just as quickly picture someone center ring with their arm raised in victory?

Yes, these are champions but what about the single mom working two jobs and still raising her children to be respectful and responsible people?

What about the child who steps out of their comfort zone to stand up for another being bullied and offering friendship?

What about the dad who works tirelessly to provide for his family?

What about the woman who wanted her children to see that they have no glass ceiling and so she works hard to achieve their dreams?

What do all of these have in common? A promise made and a promise kept. That is what makes a champion.
It’s about having courage and honor, a positive attitude, and the motivation to go for your dreams. Perseverance to get through the hard days, and integrity to stand by your beliefs and rise above others negativity. Openness to new ventures and never giving up.

Nicole’s vision is to be in your corner. To serve as a source of positive energy and cheer. She wants to see you succeed and will be there to celebrate with you.

Hydration with Purpose

Known for our signature product, hydration sticks, we are helping the world to be better hydrated one stick at a time. Using RDT Technology, natural ingredients are broken down WITHOUT heat or cold to retain the maximum amount of nutritional benefits. Each stick has a unique flavor and benefit, such as mixed berry our super antioxidant, and our tropical fruit for enhanced mood!

See Nicole inside the Hofbrauhaus before and after the race and try them out!